About the Company

Over the last 20 years, SoloProtect has innovated and evolved to provide an industry-leading lone worker safety solution that is used by thousands of people across the world. SoloProtect work with public, private, and charity sector organisations that employ large numbers of staff who work alone, are community-based, or are required to visit people’s homes or remote areas. SoloProtect customers benefit from a safer and happier workforce, improved compliance, reduced insurance premiums, minimised risk of legal repercussions following health and safety incidents, better staff retention, and much more.  The company is a proud supporter of Suzy Lamplugh Trust and make a donation for every personal safety solution sold.

The Challenge

SoloProtect required a slightly different approach to the norm of blanket recording all calls. With lone workers visiting various premises, a more individual approach was needed. A worker can leave a Check-In message via their lone worker device to specify details of their location and activity, or if a worker requires emergency assistance (Red Alert), the device opens a call with the Monitoring Centre where trained operators will listen in to the incident, identify the location of the user, and quickly initiate a response. Depending on the lone worker device and the type of incident, a two-way conversation may also be opened between the lone worker and an operative in the Monitoring Centre during the incident.


“We have used Vidicode UK’s call recording solution for the past 4 years to record our calls. We are impressed by the solutions’ flexibility, ease of use and the support we receive. Our calls help us to support and manage our lone worker and emergency offer and processes. We require a reliable recording solution and have found it in the Vidicode UK’s Apresa recording platform I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this solution to any business.”

Mark Hague, IT & InfoSec Manager at SoloProtect

The Solution

Calls between lone workers and the Monitoring Centre are recorded on the Vidicode UK Apresa system to allow SoloProtect and their customers to assess and learn from incidents, oversee the quality of responses, and ensure adherence to industry standards.


The Apresa system includes a web browser GUI (Graphic User Interface) with comprehensive search and replay criteria, including an annotated notes field and colour coding of calls making it easy to find and replay recordings and save individually or per incident. Apresa offers secure access to compressed and encrypted recordings with an audit trail to meet high levels of security and data protection requirements.



Key Benefits of the Vidicode UK Apresa recording solution

  1. Easy-to-use search and replay interface
  2. Easy to identify calls by type and incident
  3. Compression of calls to maximise storage space
  4. High levels of security and encryption to meet data protection legislation
  5. Cost-effective, flexible and future-proofed

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