TLF – The Leadership Factor

About the Company

Based in Huddersfield and proud of their Yorkshire heritage TLF Research boast a proven track record of improving the customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty of their client’s companies through the design and running of customer research programmes. As a full-service agency TLF has assisted customers including Visa, Calor, Co-op and Saint Gobain Glass with every stage of the research journey, from planning programmes to carrying out the research and communicating results.

The Challenge

TLF’s needed to record thousands of telephone interviews and store them securely, ensuring compliance with data protection legislation whilst at the same time requiring easy and rapid access to recordings.

Jude Nottingham, MD of TLF, said, “We work across all sectors including construction, finance, housing, utilities and leisure and collect customer feedback through 150,000 telephone interviews and over one million email surveys each year. Security of recorded calls, compliance with data protection legislation and the ability to find calls quickly is a key factor for us.”

The Solution

All calls from the TLF research centre are recorded on the Vidicode UK Apresa system. Call recordings are used daily to monitor the quality of service, adherence to industry standards, and train colleagues internally.

The Apresa system includes a web browser GUI (Graphic User Interface) with comprehensive search and replay criteria, including an annotated notes field and colour coding of calls making it easy to find and replay recordings and save individually or per project. Apresa offers secure access to compressed and encrypted recordings with an audit trail to meet high levels of security and data protection requirements. Apresa also has unique features to support GDPR compliance, such as stopping recording on-demand and a censure list to prevent any future recording where an individual requests this. For training purposes, the screen activity of an agent can be recorded and matched with the phone call giving a full view of the customer experience and preventing mistakes.

Jude concludes, “Vidicode UK provides a call recording solution that meets our data protection and security needs and gives us a system that is easy to use.”

Key Benefits of the Vidicode UK Apresa recording solution

  1. Easy to use search and replay interface
  2. Easy to identify calls by type and project
  3. Compression of calls to maximise storage space
  4. High levels of security and encryption to meet data protection legislation
  5. Improves customer service and the client experience
  6. Cost-effective, flexible and future-proofed

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