VoIP VOX for Traders

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VoIP VOX with Call Recorder Apresa (ideal for VoIP hoot-n-holler or Squawk boxes for traders)

Not only can you record calls with Apresa from SIP and all known VoIP protocols in passive and active mode with free PCI DSS and Screen Recording. But you can now add “Audio Signal Detect” mode or VOX mode to the list. This is ideal for clients who have moved from Analogue VOX to VoIP systems for radio and audio transmissions particularly in the finance & security sectors.

  • Optional Speech Analytics (word spotting)
  • Apresa can detect audio levels to start and terminate the call.
  • Apresa can also record continuously (an open mic signal scenario) and terminate the call after a predefined time.
  • Apresa’s new audio player also enables users to visually see when the near and far parties are communicating, meaning that you can go to the “speech parts” of the call recording.
  • Web browser replay – no replace licenses
  • User import list
  • Customer import list – search for calls by your customers’ name
  • Multi-level access; supervisors, groups, and users
  • Free seating / Hot desking
  • Screen recording
  • Store on demand (audio & screen)
  • Record on demand (audio & screen)
  • PCI-DSS ready
  • GDPR ready
  • Call commenting
  • Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv
  • Quick and easy search interface
  • User assignable search restrictions
  • Fingerprinting MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Encryption
  • Automatic backup to NAS
  • Automatic system check
  • Records SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and radio communication


Download Call Recorder Apresa Brochure (EN)